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The Rotary Club of Ithaca is pleased to announce that Ted Schiele has been named Rotarian of the Year for 2015-16. The award is given every June in honor of an active club member who exemplifies the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.”
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I am writing this update after just finishing the half-way point in my club visits.  I am truly enjoying my visits with all of you and hearing about your unique strengths and plans for the future.  In this update, I want to focus on the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.
The 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation is a major milestone for one of the best humanitarian organizations in the world today.  This entrepreneurial journey began with a small meeting of fellowship in 1903.  Today we are an organization of over 1.2 million in over 200 territories and countries.  Our results are measured in lives saved, gallons of clean water, conflict resolution and hope for the future.  The Polio Plus story alone is a testament to the power of sustained focus and collaboration that is achievable.  The skills we have honed in this journey can be applied to some of the greatest challenges we face here at home and across the world.
I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve as District Governor.  To have this honor during the 100th anniversary is truly special and I am committed to making our District, bigger, better and bolder.
Rotarian of the Month
Nominated for Rotarian of the Month, District 7170, is a member whose contributions have profoundly enriched our community, Club and each
member thereof.
He has been a motivating force of the Club for good works, positively impacting our youth, the poor and others in need. He embraces the life of
service above self and projects it into the activities of our Club.
We are a better Club because of Russell (Rusty) Deyo.
This member is a Paul Harris Fellow and a Dr. Robert Smith Fellow. He has served as President of our Club and in most of the other positions of
leadership. Since 1993, he has served as Chairman of the Dr. Robert Smith Foundation, our Rotary scholarship fund which this year awarded $28,500 in grants. Also he has served for the past ten years as the Club's Project Leader for the BC Open/Dick's Open. He has even served as Santa Claus for our Christmas program. He is a dedicated Rotarian and reflects it in club participation.
Outside of the Club, he reflects the best of Rotarian values and is active in community and church activities. Professionally he is a "semi" retired CPA.
Russell Deyo's near 40 years of unsurpassed dedication, commitment and accomplishments in Rotary is the reason Nimmonsburg Rotary Club believes he is the most deserving to be Rotarian of the Month.

The Tree Peony Project:  Community Beautification
Great Investment
Tree Peonies are deer resistant and easy to grow. They love our cold winters and are also fairly drought tolerant. Roots are delivered in time for Spring planting and Mother’s
Day.  As the plants mature, the numbers of flowers they produce also increase.
Please plant them:                          
  1. Around your home1st year:Planting in April/May
  2. In your school or church2nd year:2­3 flowers/plant
  3. Around your workplace3rd year:6­8 flowers/plant
My Goal is to plant 1,000 roots in 2017 throughout District 7170.
Fundraising Opportunity: ​ Help us, and let us help you.
Special price and benefit for Rotary clubs, if ordered before September 15, 2016:
Make checks payable to your participating Rotary club at $20/root. Your club keeps $10 for the Rotary Foundation for you or your club’s credit. Your club makes a check payable to Kampai (Importer) for $10/root (which includes $9.26 for root + $0.74 tax). The price will be $25/root after September 15, 2016 with the same donation of $10/root to the Rotary Foundation.
Please place your order:
By e­mail: kampaikonnect@stny.rr.com​. Or call: Richard: 607­770­9428
Foundation Minute for Week of September 26th
When you sit down to enjoy a beer, you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about one of its main ingredients – water. Or the fact that 3,000 children die each day from diseases caused by unsafe water.
A group of innovative Rotarians aren't just thinking; they're doing something about it.  Their fellowship group, Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide (BREW), has organized events around the world and is working to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Rotary's global water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts.
"By drinking a beer, I can help bring fresh water to a village in Africa," says Steven Lack, a member of the Rotary Club of Pleasant Hill, California. "If you can drink beer and some of the money goes to doing good in the world, that is something you can feel good about."
Fellowships like BREW are Rotary's way of bringing together members who share a particular passion. Rotarian Action Groups unite members who have expertise in a specific service area. The beer fellowship's leaders realized that joining forces with this action group, which is dedicated to providing access to clean water, would create a sum larger than the two parts.
Beer is fun and promotes fellowship, both of which make Rotary more appealing. And by bringing together people who share an interest in beer, you can unite them for the purpose of doing good.
In addition to working with the action group, BREW promotes the idea of good times and service by helping clubs organize beer festivals. These events appeal to younger people, raise money for club projects, and are easy to plan. All you need is to:
  • Approach a microbrewery or two to donate beer
  • Bring food or secure a food truck
  • Line up a band
  • Pitch a tent.
Such a good idea that will benefit The Rotary’s Foundation area of focus:  Water and Sanitation.  Perhaps your club can do the same!!  Have fun.


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