Youth Exchange is up and running for this coming year.  Students are arriving each day and clubs are settling into getting to know their student. 

We have 29 Inbound students from Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, France, Japan, Slovakia, Poland, Thailand, Denmark, Paraguay, India, the Czech Republic and Taiwan!  These kids are amazing as they give up a comfortable life and walk into the unknown for an entire year.  They are here to learn and for us to learn from them.

Unfortunately, we got away with sending out only 21 students this year, way down from other years when we had as many as 60!  The reasons?  There are many and we are always looking for clubs to get involved. We need clubs to become involved.  We’re even planning ways for clubs to do that without possibly hosting themselves, but helping others to host more students. Now is the time to ask questions about how to do that for the 2019 year!! I, or any Youth Exchange committee member, would be happy to visit your club to answer questions, do a presentation or discuss with the Board things to be done.  Please email me or call at or 433-2207.