Greetings from Youth Exchange…
Youth Exchange Tidbits:
I have just a few short things to share.  We have been super busy with a last Outbound Orientation and planning for the District Conference.  Many of our students have proms that weekend-so making choices has been hard.  Our Inbounds are finding time is running out quicker than they imagined…so have our Outbounds overseas now.  They’ve been super busy too and I’ve had few monthly reports so there is nothing to share with you.
We’ll be saying good-bye to Inbound, Harish from Binghamton Breakfast, at the end of May.  He is returning early so he can begin his school studies there.  We wish him much luck with exams and classes and hope we remain in his heart for a long time.
Good luck to all clubs who are hosting next year.  The preparation has started and we are planning on 29 Inbounds.  Thanks to all of you who are a part of this great organization and have put such effort into making this experience one that matters a great deal to our young people.  Club training will be on June 16th or July 14thYEOs and Counselors MUST attend one of those meetings.
Also, the district YE Committee is still looking for:
---new members to join our committee. 
---someone who can help us work on our web page and keep it updated.  It’s not a strenuous job-just vital to having the proper information out there in these media days!!!
Yours gratefully,
Vera Sosnowski