Hello fellow District 7170 Rotarians!
Hello fellow District 7170 Rotarians!
Please find attached the September 2023 newsletter.
If you enjoyed the My Rotary Story feature (I know I did—thank you, Chad and Gary!), I am in need of more content for October and beyond. With 1000+ active Rotarians in this district, I thought for sure at least 12 will contribute something. What lead you to join Rotary? Did someone invite you? Did you look for a club to join? What keeps you in Rotary? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or very long. It’s your story! Please type My Rotary Story for the email subject. Please include your name and club (don’t assume I know) and attach a self-portrait photo (if you like). I can’t publish what I don’t have. Come on, folks—start writing!
Got new members? Send me a note with the member’s name, club joined, and sponsor for inclusion in the newsletter.
Moving on to October
I am now collecting material for the October issue. Please send me your content as soon as you have something to share. This will assist me in drafting the newsletter and blocking in content throughout the month. The soft deadline is the 15th of the month, the hard deadline is by noon the third to last day of the month, followed by publication on the 1st of the month. Specific dates are listed on The Last Page of the newsletter for easy reference.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Christine Haase
District 7170 Newsletter Editor
P.O. Box 6565
Ithaca  NY  14851

7170newsletter@gmail.com (for newsletter submissions/questions only please)