by Wendy Deis, Foundation Area Director

Jerry has been a friend of Orv Wright and Gary Williams for many years. He’s heard a lot of stories about the Owego Rotary Club and projects that have been done by ORC.

On more than one occasion, they encouraged Jerry to join the club. Now, as a retired veterinarian Jerry felt the time was right and joined the Owego Rotary Club this year.

Rotary is not new to Jerry or his family. His sister was an Exchange student and his Dad was a Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. In fact, Jerry was a Jr. Rotarian in HS and remembers going to Tuesday meetings at the Gould Hotel in Seneca Falls.

Jerry grew up on a farm in NY with his parents and siblings and has many fond memories of the farm and cutting firewood with his Dad. He decided soon after joining the club that he wanted to start donating to The Rotary Foundation on a regular basis. In memory of his Dad, Jerry came up with the idea of cutting firewood and selling it. All the monies he earned are donated to the Foundation.

There have been several Rotarians who’ve benefited from Jerry’s willingness to help others. One of our members has a dog that ended up on the wrong side of a porcupine. Jerry removed the quills and Heather donated money to the Foundation. ORC members Max & Nancy Della Pia had a tree fall in their yard. Jerry came over and cut up the tree and they made a donation to his account. He also sells firewood for $50/face cord. If you’re interested in purchasing wood now that the cool weather approaches, please feel free to contact him.