We had a good turn out and the Rotary Team worked more then the planned area on the upper section of Route 13.


The early morning flog did not increase to rain. There is a list folks that President June has. We can’t thank them enough. We have added to June’s List of collected items. There was a Gaelic political slogan translated by Bez and shown to us by Bez. It was the “truth” but we are non partisan and non political. If there are more photos, please send by reply. Also, do not hesitate to send the names of others that I have missed.

Rotarians and friends at this affair  include:

June Losurdo

Frank Losurdo

Walt Cottrell 

Jeff Bricker

Bob Gravani

Gail Lyman

Richard Kops 

Bez Thomas

Paul Martin

Martha Walker And Me


In Rotary,


John Barradas, A.I.A.