Two representatives from our Health for Haiti program were visiting the Saint Marc Rotary Club, the host club for our Global Grant.  In the first picture, they are receiving a club flag from the Saint Marc club.  The two representatives include Dr. Jennifer Musa from SUNY Broome and co-leader of the SUNY Broome Health for Haiti Program.
The second is Dr. Gay Canough.  Gay owns ETM Solar Works, the oldest solar company in our Greater Community. 
Gay has been a member of the Health for Haiti program for the past four years.  Gay is also a member of the Endicott Rotary club.  Gay has designed and overseen construction of three solar projects for computer learning labs in this rural part of Haiti.  Gay believes utility infrastructure and distributed generation can be a source of jobs in Haiti.



Dr. Musa has addressed many of the clubs in our District and one in the Finger Lakes District which has sponsored our global grant.  The President of SUNY Broome, Kevin Drumm, is a member of the Binghamton Noon club. 
Our Global Grant provides solar power for a water filtration system installed in 2015.  Solar Power will replace "end of life" gas fired generation and expand the hours of operation for the only source of clean water.  The water filtration system was donated by the Pall Corporation in Cortland along with testing and engineering services.  Other community partners have included Geodis, Binghamton University, medical service providers, an elementary school that provides lesson plans and many more.  The Rotaract Club at Binghamton University managed a run/walk on campus to help raise funds for the project.

Many clubs in our District have pledged support. 
Each year Health for Haiti selects 20 students to plan and implement humanitarian aid to this rural part of Haiti.  They raise their own travel expenses and many credit this program as a life changing experience.  Some students make return trips and some go on to other humanitarian projects.  In one sense Health for Haiti is an incubator for humanitarian aid.  The services provided include medical and dental clinics, food and medicine, service to Mother Teresa Homes, sewing center, 5-acre farm development, training to adults and children, sanitation projects, clean water etc.  The communities in Haiti are involved in the overall plan and priorities.
Jeff Smith
Endwell Rotary