Show your Rotary colors and favorite activities in this Foundation Fundraiser.  You get a cool T-shirt promoting Rotary and your favorite activity. Your club gets Foundation Points while supporting the Annual Fund!

Purchase a T-shirts with one of 6 activities  in various colors for this district Foundation fundraiser.  T-shirts have Rotarians doing good, Walking, Running, Hiking, Canoeing and Cooking.   Five colors to choose from.  Pick your favorite activity and color.  
For each shirt ordered, a minimum of $8 will go to the foundation and credited to the club.  Orders must be received no later than September 30th, 2017.  Shirts will be delivered to a club representative at the Foundation Dinner in November.
Order on-line or download a printable order form using the links to the left.
Some of you may recall ‘voting’ at the last District Conference to help select a short list of activities that Rotarians may be found doing while NOT doing Rotary.  This was the start of a District wide fund raising effort to help DG Zoe reach her 17-18 Foundation goal.  Evan Kurtz (Dryden Rotary, Area #6 FAD) had the initial idea and enlisted Barney Schug (Ithaca Noon) to help work out the details. Tony Salerno (Dryden Rotary) was dragged in to lend his insight and to help set up the online ordering.
We have all seen the 'Rotary at Work' T-shirts but Rotary is about more than working. To help promote the fun aspects of Rotary, while maybe attracting younger folks and new members, we need to let the world know what else Rotarians do. Evan had thought for several years that T-shirts saying "Rotarian xxx-ing" would be a fun way to do this.  These shirts could promote any one of scores of activities that Rotarian are involved with and, with DG Zoe’s ambitious Foundation goal in mind, might be a way to raise money.
The ’voting’ at the District Conference helped shorten a list of over 40 activities (including several write-ins) to 5.  The ‘committee’ reviewed the votes and added ‘Doing Good’ to; Walking, Running, Hiking, Canoeing, and Cooking.   The shirt design; color selection, logo, etc., was done with the hope that they would be worn out and about, not just at Rotary events.
For each shirt ordered, a minimum of $8 will go to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund.  Foundation credits will go to the club of participating Rotarians.  If a club so desires they may distribute the credits to the individual members.
Special thanks to CayugaXpress for their support
For details, and to order your shirts, please look on the District website.